The Cast

Additional Cast

With the performances from some of NYC’s freshest talent.

Jason Scott
Jonathan M Jacques
Paul Barnes
Brian Lloyd
Jeff Radosevich
DF Sweedler
Mehul Patel
Ike Radin
Dan Altano
Rich Happel
Natasha Coppola-Shalom
Kate Herman
Kyle Mara
Adam Muller
Rob Avellan
Peter Stewart
Ryan Brown
Andrea Roschelle
Jimmy Hvd
Steven Rubin
Astrid Wilson
Michael Rakosi
Ljubica Popvic
Josh Postel
and many more.

Miller Mark

Miller Mark is a comedian based in NYC. You can find him performing in comedy clubs & bars all over the city. He’s passed for “Late Night” spots at The Comic Strip Live in Manhattan. He’s performed in the Baltimore Comedy Festival and The World Series of Comedy.

Shann Hurst

Shann Hurst is an illustrator, comedian, novelist and animator. Born and raised in a small Indiana farm town, Shann now makes his home in Greenwich Village in New York City. Shann tries to capture the whimsical nature of things through his art, that have always sparked the imaginaBon of his youth. Visit for more info.

Rriauna Hagans

An unsuspecting intelligent fairy like blonde, who loves dogs more than 80% of humans. Member of theTarantino tribe,that enjoys lifting weights, baking cookies, dark humor, and Malbec. No this is not a dating profile…This is the best way to describe Rriauna, aka RiRi aka the tattooed Mulotta Powerpuff Girl aka the Green Eyed Bandit aka your actual favorite child. A fitness & hospitality professional for years that loves expressing her creativity in anyway she can. Keeping it real and finding a joke in everything makes this crazy life just a little bit more tolerable.

Wilson McDermut

Wilson McDermut is a licensed psychologist and comedian, and no he hasn’t figured out how to use “psychology” to write funnier jokes. Go to his website for a couple of headshots, a video or two, but mostly broken links.

Blair Hirak

Blair Hirak is a stand up comedian and digital content producer. Her mother’s death has been the inspiration for her stand-up pursuit and she finds solace in sharing a good laugh…because (like this pared down bio), life’s too short and serious to not embrace the funny in it.

Eric Mirsberger

Eric Mirsberger is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor and podcaster based in New York City. Eric’s comedy style is a cautionary tale with the wrong take on life. Previously, Eric has been called a “Miraculous Turnaround” by a more
successful comedian. Eric has performed on Last Comix Standing (Season 9) and the Stand-Up 360 Festival. When Eric isn’t performing, he can be seen failing at everything he does.

If you have nothing better to do, you can find Eric on social media @Mirsberger718 or

Greg Radin

Greg Radin is a comedian based in NYC. You can find him performing in comedy clubs & bars all over the city. He’s passed for “Late Night” spots at The Comic Strip Live in Manhattan. He has not performed in the Baltimore Comedy Festival and also has not performed in The World Series of Comedy.

Ron Nobles

Ron Nobles is a New York City based stand-up comedian. He is a regular in the New York City comedy scene and also performs at colleges, clubs and theatres all over the country. He is a founding member of the Escape From NY Comedy Tour, that brings NYC comics all over the US. He’s been featured on Yahoo Sports Radio and in the New York Comedy Fest. He’s a clean-cut every man with a knack for storytelling. Ron Grew up in a small Town South of Buffalo called Gerry, NY but, he currently resides in New York City with is boxer Tony.

ron nobles

Frank Favia

Through storytelling and observational comedy, Frank Favia offers hilarious insights about his neurotic insecurities, his stereotypically Italian family and how he’s too nice for his own good. On any given night he can be seen performing at clubs in NYC and all around the country.

Tad Flynn

Tad Flynn has no business being on the stage. And yet, it still manages to happen. Which is a pretty frightening bit of commentary on the state of our culture. When he’s not recovering from his misspent youth, he can be found regularly performing at The Comic Strip Live, Broadway Comedy Club and Gotham Comedy Club in NYC. He’s performed internationally (Canada, Ireland, France) to near universal negative acclaim. He produces & performs in the monthly United We Laugh show in Rhode Island. His sets have been likened to licking a Colorado River Toad. At first, you feel nauseous… and then it gets into your head. When you come down, you think interesting, but never again. He is a single parent who actually managed to have something that resembled a career. If you consider staring off into space and talking to yourself a profession.

Denise Grayson

DENISE GRAYSON is a multi-disciplined actor/producer and attorney, and founder of Denise Grayson Productions, where feature films in development include Walter Mosley’s sexistential novel, KILLING JOHNNY FRY, and Rajiv Shah’s BLOOD AND THE RYE. Grayson starred in the Academy Award winning feature THE SOCIAL NETWORK. She is soon to be seen opposite Uma Thurman in Nicol Paone’s upcoming feature, THE KILL ROOM, and in Miramax and J.T. Mollner’s thriller, STRANGE DARLING. Grayson’s television work includes roles in Showtime’s Shameless, and in the Hallmark and Lifetime films Pandemic, Though None Go With Me, Dark Desire, and Citizen Jane, to name a few. CARRY TIGER TO MOUNTAIN, a short film which she produced and stars in, is currently on the festival circuit. She also produced the short films NASTY, starring Robert Forster, HINDSIGHT, which she also stars in, and the short documentary THE CROSSING. Grayson starred in GASLINE, a short film that won the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. On stage she most recently appeared in The Maltese Falcon, The Lady Eve, Casablanca, and in The Thin Man at Treepeople’s Once Upon a Canyon Night at the Mark Taper Amphitheater in Los Angeles. A former Wall Street lawyer, Grayson is on the Board of Lighthouse International Film Festival, and is an acting coach. She divides her time between New York and Los Angeles.